Supporting Behaviour

At Bridge House Independent School, we recognise that behaviour is a means of communication and is often a response to experiences during a child or young person’s lifetime. We recognise that, when students behave in a way that challenges us, we need to question why they're behaving in this way, consider the origins of the behaviour and try to understand what the message behind the behaviour might be.

We know that learning takes place when students are able to self-regulate, and show respect for both themselves, the people around them and for the school community as a whole. As a school, we are committed to providing a learning environment which promotes this, through a clear ethos of respect, integrity, compassion, honesty and forgiveness; a place where pupils feel safe, happy and included and where they benefit from positive and mutually respectful relationships with other students and staff. To fulfil this commitment, all staff model and promote high standards of conduct and behaviour in conjunction with clear and consistent rules, routines, and sanctions.

We have a clear and consistent rewards scheme that rewards all students for their hard work, effort and compliance with the rules and routines.

In addition, bonus rewards can be collected for showing a commitment to our school ethos, completing homework, regular reading and good attendance.

Reward points can be exchanged for a wide and varied range of treats, games or reward trips throughout the year.

Whilst our emphasis will always be on recognising and celebrating success at all levels we also understand that it is important for pupils to understand and respect school rules and be aware of the sanctions that can be imposed if these are not adhered to. Due to the nature of our school and the broad range of additional needs of our students, we recognise the need to adopt a personalised approach when managing behaviour; however, our underlying principles will pervade and underpin every aspect of our work.